Jackie Chan marks 60 years since film debut | Breaking News

World-renowned action movie star Jackie Chan marked the 60th anniversary of his film debut with a live streaming on Saturday night, sharing some untold stories behind his iconic Police Story series while expressing gratitude for fans’ support.

With dedication, tenacity and persistent pursuit, Jackie Chan has created many jaw-dropping action scenes, and there are also many hardships behind these astonishing clips.

In the movie Police Story, there is a scene that Chan slides down from a height of dozens of meters by holding electric wires connected to a light on the ceiling, and this extremely dangerous action was completed done by himself.

“That scene of jumping down along the electric wires of lights in the Police Story is [filmed] without a stand-in. I was scared every time I looked down and thought I was going to die, because I tried it before and had an accident. So you see me screaming jumping off in Police Story cause I felt like I might be killed, and my both my hands had cuts from this,” said Chan.

Jackie Chan’s industrious and dedicated spirit has also influenced many younger actors. Chinese actor Nicholas Tse Ting-fung, who once collaborated with Chan on the filming of New Police Story, said he has always been admiring and following the footsteps of this reputable actor.

“I’m not scared at all, and I really grew up watching all of his movies. I remember when I watched CDs in the past, and I literally paused every shot to learn his moves. So at that time, I felt that if I had the honor to do those actions with my big brother, I will do it myself at any cost,” said Tse.

Years of acting in breath-holding movie scenes left Jackie Chan with scars on his body and injuries to his thighs and waist. However, Chan still insist on filming action movies as long as conditions permit, with his profound affection of the field.

“I am very grateful that I have so many fans around the world, they all told me to stop making action movies, they said they all like me whether I do it or not. I’m really touched by their words, but I would continue doing it as long as I can, because I like action movies so much.” said Chan.

Jackie Chan expressed his gratitude to the fans for their continued support over the past six decades, saying that he is proud to see the changes of his country .

“I really want to thank everyone who supports me, I can’t believe it has already been 60 years. Every moment of perseverance is an accumulated harvest. Being able to witness the development of the country with everybody, especially next week will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, I have felt the earth-shaking changes in our country over the years, and I am very proud,” he said.


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