COPA instructs MoPEto prepare roadmap for gas, crude oil mining! | Breaking News

The COPACommittee has instructed the officials of the Ministry of Power and Energy toprepare a detailed road map for excavations in the country to obtain gas andcrude oil. 

Theseinstructions were given to the officials of the Ministry of Power and Energywhen the Committee on Public Accounts met under the chairmanship of its Memberof Parliament (Prof.) Tissa Witarana in Parliament recently (22).

Ministry officials made a presentation on the planned natural gas mining projects (LNG) in Sri Lanka and their current status and pointed out that there are various obstacles to these mining activities.When asked if advice was needed from foreign countries for these excavations, the officials had said that no such advice was required.

Accordingly, the COPA Committee had instructed the officials to complete the road map for the excavations as soon as possible as it is in the interest of the country.

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