Sri Lanka lifts mask wearing mandatory rule as Covid-19 pandemic eases  | Sinhala News

Sri lanka News – Sri Lanka Health Ministry has lifted the mandatory rule of  wearing masks in indoor and outdoor events as Covid-19 pandemic situation eased in the island nation.

In a statement, the director of Health Services, Asela Gunawardena said, from June 10,2022 onwards the mandatory rule to wear a mask will be lifted.

“However, it is preferable that persons having respiratory symptoms wear a face mask,” he said.

The ministry further said, lifting the Covid 19 safety measure of wearing masks, does not prevent any person from wearing masks according to their personal wish.

The statement also said Covid-19 PCR tests and Rapid Antigen Test, which was done as a screening test to identify Covid 19 patients are also not required any longer.

Sri Lanka has so far detected 663,901 Covid 19 patients since February 2020, out of which 646,975 have ben recovered.

The disease resulted in a death toll of 16,518.  (Colombo/ June 09/ 2022 )

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