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The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Enterprises Prof. Charitha Herath made a special statement regarding the discrepancy in a payment made by the Ministry of Health during an investigation conducted by the COPE Committee on the 7th.

Prof. Herath said that when the Medical Supplies Division of the State Pharmaceutical Corporation of Sri Lanka and the Medical Supplies Division of the Ministry of Health, which are functioning under the Ministry of Health, were summoned to the COPE Committee and an inquiry was carried out into the Drug Storage Management Computer System based on the facts presented by the Secretary to the Ministry Dr. Ratnayake regarding the relevant expenses.

E-Wis Information Systems Ltd., had told the media that the COPE investigation was flawed and that their position had been submitted to the Committee in a letter dated June 3, 2022, Prof. Herath said.

The Chairman said that according to E-Wis Information Systems Limited, they had obtained Rs. 223,120,458.73 million for the above system.

According to the written statement of the State Ministry of Health to the COPE Committee, Rs. 458,591,910.6 million has been paid to e-Wis Information Systems and Rs. 66,176,348.98 million has been paid to e-Wis Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Accordingly, the total amount paid was Rs. 524,768,259.4 million.

COPE Chairman Charitha Herath tabled both reports and said that the COPE Committee had recommended to the Auditor General to conduct a special inquiry into the matter and that the report would be received within a month and that a full report in this regard would be revealed to the country.

However, according to internal COPE Committee sources, it is likely that the investigations would be handed over to the CID.

Sanjeewa Wickramanayake is the Chairman of both relevant companies.

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