Police reveal cause behind Elpitiya blast | Breaking News

Sri Lanka Police said that the explosion that took place behind a house in Elpitiya on Thursday (3) was caused by an accidental disposal of explosives into a fire set up to destroy garbage.

The Elpitiya Police had conducted an investigation following the report of an explosion behind the house in its jurisdiction.

Investigation revealed that a man who was engaged in the textile business was collecting waste material along with a servant and was setting the waste on fire.

Police said that the man had previously operated a quarry and was in possession of several explosives used at the time.

According to the investigations the man had mistakenly thrown some of the explosives into the fire assuming they were waste material, and thereafter the explosion had taken place.

The owner of the house was admitted to the Karapitiya Hospital for treatment, and later moved to the Eye Hospital in Colombo.

The rear part of the housed was badly damaged by the explosion.

Upon inspecting the property, Sri Lanka recovered several explosives from a storage located close to the house.

These items included 1 kg of Gunpowder, 33.4 kg of Ammonium Nitrate, 60 Gelignite sticks, 124 detonators and 37 wire cords.

The Elpitiya Police is conducting further investigations.


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