Police complaint against Wedaarachchi's son | Breaking News

Two policemen had lodged a complaint with the Weeraketiya police over the clash with former Tangalle Mayor Ravindu Wedaarachchi, (the son of MP Dilip Wedaarachchi) and his wife.

The police constable and sergeant on duty at the Bedigama entrance of the Southern Expressway had complained that Ravindu and his wife had obstructed their duties while verbally threatening them.

The situation had arisen when Wedaarachchi was transporting a refrigerator by jeep to Colombo via the expressway due to lack of fuel. They had not been allowed to proceed over safety issues.

The ‘Aruna’ newspaper reports that Police had also handed over a video clip of the clash. However, social media reports that the clash had sparked after one police officer had grabbed Ravindu by his collar.

After being refused entry at the Bedigama entrance, they had entered the Expressway via the Beliatta entrance and exited from Kottawa.

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