Rice shortage by September ; no bread also | Breaking News

Senior Professor of Crop Science at the University of Ruhuna – Aruna Kumara says that the current stocks of rice in the country will be sufficient only until the end of August or early September this year.

Therefore, if the Yala season cultivation fails, there will be a shortage of rice in the country by September, he points out.

Although people had turned to bread as an alternative, the steeply increasing wheat flour prices in the global markets as well as the rising rising prices of eggs, chicken and vegetables in the country would also contribute to a shortage of alternative food means as well.

India has currently stopped wheat exports while the market is also severely impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is known as the bread basket of Europe due to its large wheat exports.

Noting that experts have already warned of an impending global food shortage, this could further worsen the situation in Sri Lanka, Prof. Anura Kumara says.

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