JVP wants GotaGoGama slogan changed immediately! | Breaking News

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Polit bureau member K.D. Lalkantha said that the struggle would be maneuvered very soon to imprison parliamentarians within parliament and pressure them to dissolve parliament and call for an election.

He said this during a public meeting held at Katiyawa Yaya 07 in Eppawala.

Lalkantha noted that the Galle Face protest GotaGoGama slogan should change immediately to one that demands for an election, adding that if the government does not have the money to hold an election, he would deploy his union workers free of charge and hold the election without any expense.

“Ranil won’t be able to continue as Prime Minister for long,” he said.  

“I will tell you where the next struggle will take place. I am saying this for those in parliament as well. They can get scared if they want. We will not allow any of those who go into parliament to come out. They will only be allowed to come out after dissolving parliament, ready to give the people an election. Be prepared for that day as we will definitely take this struggle to that point. Therefore, we warn Ranil Wickremesinghe too that he won’t be able to carry on as the Prime Minister for much longer. We also warn Gota. He won’t be able to be president for long.

We say to Ranil, to keep his budget to himself. Roll it and keep it. Everyone be prepared as the day will soon come when none of you will be able to leave parliament without dissolving it and calling for an election.

Now they are planning to sell off the People’s Bank and Bank of Ceylon shares. I say to the employees of these banks, you have not seen this coming yet. Ranil’s budget contains proposals to sell off lands, institutions, services etc that they have so far not been able to sell off to foreign entities for dollars. When Ranil stepped out after being appointed as Prime Minister he said that he had come to provide the people the fuel, gas and power. They are using the crisis to continue what they were doing all this time. Then they claim that Air Lanka is running at a loss. That is true. Who steered it towards that state? Was it the JVP members or the people in villages? Were we the ones who managed these institutions?

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