Airforce denies MP Arundika Fernando’s claim that he served in SLAF (Video) | Breaking News

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) today denied the statement made by SLPP MP Arundhika Fernando that he has served in the SLAF as a pilot or even as a cadet officer.

When Daily Mirror contacted the SLAF, its Spokesman Group Captain Dushan Wijesinghe said that there were no records that the MP had ever served in the SLAF.

The MP said in parliament that his house and several important documents including flying logs of SLAF were destroyed due to the mob setting fire to his house during the recent violence.

“I have nothing to show today that I was in the Air Force and SriLankan Airlines.  In those days, when a flight took off, they were recorded in logs because there was no facility to computerize at that time.  All those logs were destroyed by the fire that broke out in my house,” the MP said.

The spokesman said the MP had once attended the Flying Aptitude Test in which he failed.

Group Captain Wijesinghe said that there were no records even that the MP had joined the SLAF as a cadet officer.


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