“Won’t leave room for famine in the country” – Ranil | Breaking News

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that he is ready to change the policies of the Rajapaksa government.

In an interview with the BBC Wickremesinghe said that he will not leave room for a famine in the country.

“First, we must look into the severity of the economic situation. No one has the full details. It is like performing an operation on a patient for the first time. I know we have issues. We must connect with the IMF. This year we must find the funds. I am discussion with our friendly states to help us and grant us a financial fund. We must also create an environment conducive for foreign investment.

I will be able to know by this afternoon. India is helping us, but we are also ready to discuss with Japan and South Korea. I will inform the Sri Lankan public of the measures we take over the next few months in order to overcome this crisis. I assure the public that I will provide them the food, fuel, medicines etc that they require very soon. We are in discussion with international partners to obtain assistance.

There will not be a state of famine at any cost. We will somehow meet the food requirement. I have held discussions and help is being received. They won’t allow the people to face hunger. Both factions of parliament need me as the Prime Minister and in order to get the economy back on track I am ready to change many of the Rajapaksa government policies.

I do not want to check accounts. I want to find out the severity of this situation. How does the economy work and how much does the central bank have? I do not want to see accounts that are inactive. Discussions on the monetary policy are being held with the IMF. But the economy is still not activated. I urge the Sri Lankan people to be patient. I will get back everything that was lost. I want to tell the international community that we are ready to get back on our feet. But we need your assistance for a period of one year. We are ready to pay you back everything we have obtained from you.”

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