Cabinet to be sworn in tomorrow | Breaking News

The new cabinet will be sworn in next Sunday (15), according to political sources.

The number of cabinet ministers, including the president and prime minister, will be limited to 20.

It is reported that Dinesh Gunawardena will be sworn in as the Minister of Public Administration, Provincial Councils and Local Government, Prasanna Ranatunga will be sworn in as the Minister of Tourism and Kanchana Wijesekera will be sworn in as the Minister of Power and Energy, the Prime Minister’s office said.

According to political sources, discussions were first held regarding the appointment of the ministries essential for the running of the country, while the other ministries were discussed later.

In addition, deputy minister would be appointed only for ministries with a greater number of institutions under them.

Meanwhile, it has still not been decided whether or not state ministerial posts would be made in the new government.

However, prior to parliament sittings next week, the Cabinet would be sworn in, according to political sources.

It is expected that the ministers’ portfolios would be completed within two weeks.

Meanwhile, a favourable response has been received for Dinesh Gunawardena’s appointment, but there is opposition from within the UNP for Presanna Ranatunga’s appointment, it is reported.

Accordingly, it has been decided to give his ministerial post for a period of two months with set targets.

Meanwhile, independent parliamentarian Susil Premajayantha had taken steps to meet Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe for discussions.

He is reported to have met the Prime Minister around 1.00 pm yesterday and it is said that the duo had discussed the power and energy crisis at length.

However, it is unclear as to what Premajayantha’s decision would be on accepting a ministerial post, but it is presumed that he would be given the energy ministry if he joins Wickremesinghe’s government.

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