Sri Lanka is in a state of anarchy; discord between the brothers (video) | Breaking News

Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that the constitutional amendment will not solve the economic problem and that there are conflicts even among the brothers.

He said this addressing the Jathika Sewaka Sangamaya May Day Rally.

“We are facing an economic and political crisis like never experienced before. Our economy has collapsed completely. Many working class jobs have been lost and hundreds of thousands more will be lost. Those who have saved their earnings in banks will have only half that value when they retire.

The ETF value has dropped to half. The country is in anarchy. The country is going through a political earthquake.

There are protests everywhere and they chant two slogans which are ‘Go home Gota’ and for the Rajapaksas to go home. There is a collapse even within the government.

There are also clashes between the brothers. Now they have lost the people’s mandate they received in 2019 and 2020.

Some in the government say both the president and PM should stay.  Others say the Prime Minister should go and the President should stay. The President has proposed to introduce a 21st amendment replacing the 20th.

I am against the 20th Amendment. But if the 21st Amendment abolishes the executive powers and reinstates the 19th Amendment, we will accept it as a resting place.

The 21st Amendment won’t resolve the economic problems. We should give priority to resolving the economic problems. We need to resolve this crisis. I believe that we can resolve it.”

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