Eighth Sri Lankan dies after waiting in line for fuel | Sinhala News

Sri lanka News- A 63-year-old male resident of Kalutara, Sri Lnka, who collapsed waiting in line for kerosene died en route to hospital Thursday afternoon (28), bringing the death toll at the country’s growing fuel queues to eight.

The man’s body is currently at the Nagoda General Hospital in Kalutara, police said.

The office in charge (OIC) of Kalutara North told Economy Next that the deceased, Abdul Kapoor Mohomad Sadiq, was a resident of Kalutara South.

This is the fifth senior citizen to have died while queuing for fuel as Sri Lanka faces its worst economic crisis in history, with price hikes, shortages, and a looming food crisis on the horizon.

The severity of the situation has forced many to take to the streets, and protests have been ongoing all across Sri Lanka, demanding that the government leave office and be held accountabile for their actions. (Colombo/Apr29/2022)

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