Billions worth court productions stolen from court production room! | Breaking News

It is reported that the Narcotics Division of the Police has commenced an extensive investigation to nab an organized group who had smuggled billions of rupees worth of heroin from the court production room at the Hulftsdorp Courts Complex in Colombo.

It has been revealed that this racket has been taking place secretly for some time.

The information regarding the theft of heroin was revealed after the Gothatuwa Police court sergeant was caught by the police while transporting a stock of heroin worth around Rs. 9 million.

Upon interrogation the police sergeant had revealed that he was given this stock of heroin by the caretaker of the court production room.
The caretaker of the production room has now fled and an extensive investigation has been launched to apprehend him.

Meanwhile, ‘Divaina’ reports that a special police team under the full supervision of SSP Samantha Wijesekera, the Director of the Police Narcotics Division, has gone to the Hulftsdorp court complex and inspected the heroin stockpile.

The heroin that has been stolen are the stocks that are taken into police custody during raids and kept in the court production room after sending samples to the Government Analyst for further legal measures.

 It is also reported that the exact amount of heroin that has been stolen so far has not been determined as yet.

It is said that investigations are underway to determine to whom the heroin stocks that were stolen from the court production room had been sold.

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