Suren’s protest slogans out the back door no sooner he received state ministerial post! | Breaking News

Dr. Suren Raghavan was sworn in as a Minister of State for Education Services and Reform before President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa yesterday (18).

Although taking oaths as a state minister is nothing out of the ordinary, it is surprising to see Raghavan accepting this post after his public post on Facebook 11 days ago asking President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to step down.

He wrote on his Facebook page at 1.04pm on April 7, “Mr. President, thank you for your service, announce the day of the formation of a caretaker government and the day of your resignation.”

 Facebook users have also commented on the change in his stance.

 Suren Raghavan was appointed to parliament through the SLFP National list.

Raghavan was given the National List seat promised to him by the SLFP without the approval of the SLFP on the instructions of Basil Rajapaksa.


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