Pro-govt. activist caught at Galle Face protest (Video) | Breaking News

A man recently seen in a pro-government protest has been spotted at the ongoing anti government protest at the Galle Face, Colombo.

The man has been identified while he was selling ‘Vadai’ at the venue.

He was a prominent face in the recent ‘We Want Gota’ protest demonstration march held in Colombo.

Upon being identified, he was handed over to the police, who in return, sternly advised him before removing him from the premises. 

Plot to plant ICE in tents?

Meanwhile, rumours of attempts to arrest the protesting youth after planting ICE drugs in their tents, are also being circulated.‘ reports that a list of persons who are to be nabbed in this manner has also been mentioned.‘ further reports :

“A discussion has been held last night (14) to sabotage the uprising that is currently underway at Galle Face as well as to prevent more crowds from joining the gathering.”

“Speaking, a senior police said that XXXXXXX has directed to deploy Peliyagoda Intelligence officers to plant ICE in the protestors’ tents.”

“Stay vigilant young, brave people. Be organised and do not let anyone enter the tents you are in. There are law abiding citizens on your side and the legal community too, has come forward to give any legal assistance you may need. We too, are on the constant lookout for you. “

Pro-Govt. infiltrate the venue

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that various sections as well as political parties are making continuous efforts to end this struggle. In a related move, supporters of pro-government movements have also entered the demonstration site and started to protest against those at the site.

Many from other provinces have also joined the event.

Due to this, there is a risk that tensions might spark at the site.

The protest, which urges the President and the current government to step down, is being continued for the 7th consecutive day. Thousands of civilians have been attending with no political interference or backing. 

Crowds have been thronging to the site at all hours despite it being the New Year holiday.

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