Leave no room for family rule in SL again – Sanga | Breaking News

Former Sri Lankan cricket captain and renowned cricketer Kumar Sangakkara has said that corruption, nepotism and family rule should not be allowed in Sri Lanka again.

 He had said this during an Instagram interview recently.

Expressing his views, Sangakkara said, “

” This is a new generation of youth. A new, more aware, more awake & fearless society that is united that has started this movement. And this is not a trend.

This is here to stay.

I personally like to believe in a Sri Lanka that does not just unite in hardships, but that takes the lessons from this crisis and builds a country in which racism and religious divide play no part in society or politics. There should be no room for corruption, nepotism, and the building of family dynasties on the back of the people of Sri Lanka.”

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