Namal – Dilith exchange words on Twitter; request for non-Rajapaksa as PM | Breaking News

An exchange of Tweets between Digital Minister – Namal Rajapaksa and Derana owner – Dilith Jayawardena has sparked much reactions among the Twitterati.



It is said that Dilith online media business has taken a major hit following the  restriction of social media platforms including Youtube.

Change in PM posts?

Will the Prime Minister change?

Meanwhile, it is reported that pro-government parties have reportedly requested the President to make a change to the post of Prime Minister.

Accordingly, it is said that a request has been made to appoint a non-Rajapaksa to the post of Prime Minister from within the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna ranks.

Earlier, General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Dayasiri Jayasekara had proposed to the President to form a caretaker government with the participation of the parties in Parliament.

He had earlier said that the party had decided to resign from its ministerial posts and act independently if the government failed to implement the decision. 

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