Chief prelates call for immediate action to avert crisis | Breaking News

A letter has been directed with the signatures of the Chief Prelates of the Malwathu, Asgiri, Amarapura, and Ramanna Sects requesting the government and Ministers to take immediate action to avert the present crisis the people are facing in the country.

The Chief Prelates said it is the duty of the government to do away with all unnecessary government expenditure, dedicate ministerial privileges to public welfare, and provide immediate relief to the public in order to minimise the economic pressures they are facing owing to the present situation.

The Chief Prelates issuing a joint statement said the public is battered due to difficulties in obtaining essential food items and medicines as well as fuel, electricity and domestic gas cylinders.

The statement said the rising cost of living is causing an unprecedented number of socio-economic crises in the country.

The Chief Prelates emphasised that the current crisis can only be resolved through the stringent management of public funds, the elimination of corruption, and the implementation of priority development projects based on public needs, as well as building a local economic model.


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