Sri Lanka gets diesel ship from Indian credit line | Sinhala News

Sri lanka News – Sri Lanka has received a 40,000 metric tonne diesel consignment under a 500 million dollar Indian credit line which will be distributed from Saturday, a government official said.

There are long queues of vehicles at filling stations sometimes parked overnight without drivers waiting for the next delivery of diesel.

“The distribution is expected to start from this evening,” the CPC source said.

The ships comes as Sri Lanka was placed under a 36 hour curfew ahead of social media led protests planned for Sunday.

Sri Lanka is facing severe forex shortages and high inflation due to the island’s intermediate regime central bank printing money over two years under ‘flexible’ policy.

Sri Lanka has had 72 years of monetary trouble, social unrest and out migration due to the currency depreciation coming from the central bank.

Depreciation has sometimes come intentionally from the island’s Mercantilists who believe that there is prosperity at the end of monetary debasement.

The state-run Ceylon Electricity Board on Thursday said the duration of power cuts could be reduced from the current 10 to 13 hours as Indian shipments started to come. (Colombo/April 2/2022)

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