Failure to provide solutions caused yesterday’s protests : Ranil | Breaking News

The United National Party says the protest in Mirihana erupted as there has been no solution to the prevailing issues faced by the public.

Issuing a statement, Leader of the United National Party Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday’s incident can be described as a result of the collapse of the current political structure.

The former Premier said the present administration has failed to solve the issues which are plaguing the public, while the opposition has also failed to uphold their responsibility.

Former Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said the government is laying blame on various groups for yesterday’s unrest adding however they must present evidence to support these claims.

The former Prime Minister said the present administration must reveal the identities of the perpetrators behind yesterday’s violence while also refraining from making any racist comments.

The former Premier said it was neither a racist incident nor an incident involving terrorist.

Former Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said such comments will only escalate the already volatile situation.

The former Premier said yesterday’s protest which commenced at Jubilee Post were peaceful adding however the situation escalated at Pangiriwatta.

The former Prime Minister said everyone must be mindful that no individual should be harmed during a peaceful protest adding violence must not be tolerated.

Former Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said the public have the right to protest freely and peacefully.

The UNP Leader said political parties must not take part in citizens led protests adding parties have the right to hold their own rallies and protests.

The former Prime Minister said the Parliament must also accept responsibility although it is too late.

The former Premier called for acceptable solutions to be tabled in Parliament adding duties of the Parliament must be fulfilled when convened next week.

Former PM Wickremesinghe said such solutions must be implemented with a national consensus without any political affiliation.

Former Prime Minister Wickremesinghe conveyed his hope for the prevailing crisis to be resolved peacefully without violence.


(UNP Facebook page)

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