A/L practical exams to start on 29th  | Breaking News

The Department of Examinations has announced the dates for the practical examinations for the GCE Advanced Level Examination 2021.

Accordingly, the practical examinations will be held from March 29 to April 08 for local and Bharata dance, Eastern, Carnatic and Western music subjects.

According to the Examinations Commissioner General L.M.D. Dharmasena, these practical exams would be conducted at practical examination centers island wide.

The Commissioner of Examinations stated that the entrance passes required to appear for the examination have already been sent by post.

Further, if a candidate has not received the pass, he/she can obtain it by visiting the doenets.lk website of the Department of Examinations.

In the event those sitting for the practical examinations are infected with the Covid-19 virus, they are expected to notify the Examinations Department and obtain an alternative date. 

The Commissioner General of Examinations also pointed out that if a candidate has any issue, they could obtain information by calling 011 2 78 42 08 or the 1911 hotline of the Department of Examinations.

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