Ten-hour power cut? | Breaking News

The daily power cuts may have to be increased to ten hours per day, according to CEB sources.

With the water levels in the reservoirs for hydro power plants dwindling, a 10-hour power cut will have to be imposed next week.

Electrical engineers also warn that if the current weather conditions worsen, the daily power cuts will have to be further increased by the New Year season.

They also noted that in spite of the prevailing crisis, the intermittent breakdowns experienced at the main thermal power plants is another contributory factor for further power cuts.

Despite the reduction in hydro power capacity as a result of dwindling water levels, the CEB has notified the authorities to ensure the timely supply of fuel and coal in order to meet the demand.

Meanwhile, as a result of fuel running out at the Kerawalapitiya Thermal Power Plant, operations had to be suspended.

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