Ban on children aged 5-14 from attending international schools | Breaking News

The Auditor General has recommended to the Ministry of Education to take immediate action to enforce the Assisted Schools and Training Colleges Act so that children between the ages of 5-14 cannot be admitted to private schools run without the intervention of the Ministry of Education.

The Auditor General has revealed that the admission of children between the ages of 5-14 years to international schools and madrassa schools run without the intervention of the Ministry is a violation of Article 25 of the Act stating that private schools cannot be established to provide education to children of this age group according to this Act.

Although there is no formal database of international schools, the number of international schools reported to the Ministry of Education is 391, of which only 151 schools, or less than 40 percent, have requested for medical examinations operated under the Ministry of Health, according to an inspection by the National Audit Office.

Out of 98 international schools in Colombo, 7 schools have applied for the examination and 9 out of 79 schools in Gampaha have applied for the examination.

The Auditor General says that there are international schools with unsafe water supply as well as obtaining water for children from unsafe wells.

The report also states that there are 133 Madrasa schools that are no registered under the Muslim Affairs Department out of which the highest number of unregistered schools, which is 16, has been found in the Kurunegala District.

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