Sri Lanka schedules power cuts of 3 hours for March 13 | Sinhala News

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Electricity Board will cut power for one hour for some areas from 500pm to 900pm and three hours and 15 minutes in two blocks from in the day time and night the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka said.

Areas designated PQRSTUVW will suffer a one hour power cuts from 500pm to 900pm.

Areas ABCDEFGHIJKL will face 2 900am to 500pm and another 1 hour to 15 minutes from 500pm to 1000pm.

The power cut schedule for March 13 can be downloaded here: 13-03-2022-Power-Interruption-Schedule-1

Check the areas in graphical map on the CEB site here.

Sri Lanka is facing extended power cuts after money printing created forex shortages making it difficult to import fuel amid a seasonal dry period, which was worsened by a coal plant outage.

The crisis was worsened because authorities denied the CEB small one to two hour power cuts to conserve hydro storage, as soon as the coal plant went down.

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