Revise fuel transport formula; if not fuel distribution will be stopped: SLPPTOA | Sri Lanka News

The Sri Lanka Petroleum Private Tanker Owners' Association (SLPPTOA) said that they need to revise the fuel transport formula within two days and said if not, they will refrain from carrying out their services.

They stated the transportation formula should be revised to account for the 60% increase in transportation costs caused by the CYPETCO fuel price increase.

Some 800 bowsers are operating in fuel distribution around the country, while CYPETCO has 70 to 80 bowsers, he said.

According to them, the sudden increase of fuel by CYPETCO, the prices of lubricants, tyres, tubes, batteries, vehicle service charges, vehicle spare parts, and employees salaries to have shot up.

90% of the members have decided to stop the fuel distribution.

The association claimed they were unable to get diesel, even for their bowsers for fuel distribution, the association said.

However, it requested their members to continue with the service for two days until the fuel transport formula is amended. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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