Gonamada residents hoot atSLPP-MP Manjula! (Video)  | Breaking News

The residents ofGonamada, Rideegama had hooted and jeered at SLPP-MP Manjula Dissanayake whenshe had visited the area yesterday (23) to discuss about a water projectforcing her to abandon it and leave the area.

It was planned to start a drinking water project for houses in the Ranthatikanda area in 2018 using a water source in the Gonamada village. Residents of Gonamada say that if this water source in their village is used to supply water to another area, there is a risk of water loss to about 10 villages including Buluwala Kanda, Buluwala, Atipola, Kandepola, Kosgollepola and Thubana.

They say that if this project is carried out, the natural canals flowing from the Gonamada area and the Ellewela lake, irrigating about 1000 acres of paddy lands will dry up.Rideegama Regional Development Committee Chairman Manjula Dissanayake chaired a discussion on the issue at the Sagelena Rajamaha Viharaya in Buluwala, Rideegama.

The Member of Parliament stated that a technical inquiry will be conducted through the Water Supply Board and a decision will be taken regarding this issue and that both parties need water.Residents of the area hooted and jeered as the MP left the venue amidst strong protests. 


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