TikToker harassing wild elephant in Habarana, fined Rs. 200,000 | Sri Lanka News

The jeep driver who was involved in a Tik Tok video seen harassing a wild elephant on the Trincomalee-Habarana Road, was arrested by the Wild Life officials and released on bail after being fined Rs. 200,000.

The video of a TikToker harassing a wild elephant in Habarana had sparked outrage not only on social media but also on international media a few weeks ago.

In the video, the person can be seen provoking and scaring the elephant by driving the vehicle close to the gentle giant. Rather than waiting for the elephant to pass, the driver teasingly drove his vehicle towards the elephant, shining the bright headlights at it.

The elephant can be seen backing off but the person continued the disturbing act.

Due to the bright light and sound of the vehicle, the helpless creature even tried to hide behind a tree.

The video triggered outrage on social media after a user (@PoornaSenev) shared it on Twitter.

The Sigiriya Road from Trincomalee to Habarana was gazetted in 1938 as a prohibition on wildlife crimes under the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance. The suspect, a resident of Kekirawa, was arrested during an operation conducted by wildlife officials including the Minneriya National Park Warden, the Department of Wildlife Conservation said.

They said the suspect was produced before Kekirawa Magistrate's Court today and released after being fined.(Darshana Sanjeewa Balasuriya)


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