Police to gather details of temporary residents, places in Colombo City | Sri Lanka News

The Police is to start a three-day operation to gather information on all  temporary residents who are living in Colombo city coming from various parts of the island, with the aim of securing national security and eliminating crime and narcotic trade in Colombo.

The Western Province Community Police Division will gather the information under the theme 'Protect National Security, Eliminate Crimes and Drugs'. 

Accordingly, police will gather information on all temporary residents residing in the houses, business premises, institutions, government or private premises, construction sites, etc. within the Colombo Municipal Council area on January 14,15 and 16.

The Police have requested to obtain a form from the Community Police Officers visiting the houses and streets during the period of from the nearest police station, if there are temporary occupants residing in the houses or other places.

The public is requested to enter the correct information about the temporary residents of the area and hand it over to the relevant police officers or the relevant police station, the police said.

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