Lottery from Delkanda fair hit the jackpot – Susil | Breaking News

Sacked State minister – Susil Premajayantha has said that losing his state ministerial portfolio doesn’t matter much to him.

Speaking to media at the state ministry of Education Reforms, Open Universities and Distance Learning Promotion, Mr. Premajayantha had sardonically said the lottery from Delkanda fair hit the jackpot.

“I learnt that I was removed from my state ministerial portfolio. It’s not an issue for me. I first became a minister in the year 2000. I worked under 03 Presidents. I am a lawyer by profession and I will continue that from tomorrow,” he said.

Mr. Premajayantha had strongly criticized the government after a visit to the Delkanda fair recently and his comments had been strongly rebuked by the President during yesterday’s (03) Cabinet meeting.

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