Health experts warn of Omicron becoming dominant in SL overtaking Delta | Sri Lanka News

There is a possibility of highly contagious Omicron variant becoming the dominant variant in Sri Lanka in a month's time surpassing the Delta variant, which is the current dominant variant, Health experts forewarned.

Consultant Virologist at the Medical Research Institute (MRI), Dr. Nadeeka Janage told a news briefing at the Health Promotion Bureau that a fewer number of Omicron cases had been detected from the community and hospital system as well.

“Out of the 10 cases of Omicron identified in MRI, two are from hospitals,” he stated.

“Thus, we have to admit the fact that Omicron cases have been found from society and it may be spreading now,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Janage said according to UK scientific data on Omicron, the Omicron variant spreads faster than Delta even in a society where vaccination has been rolled out.

“Omicron has caused more infections and higher hospitalisation globally with number of deaths marginally going up,” he pointed out.

“Even though preliminary observations suggest that Omicron is less pathogenic when compared to Delta, it is yet to be ascertained further,” Dr. Janage stressed.

“However, with Omicron being more contagious, the number of hospitalisation could be higher and it could also affect patients with complications,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Janage said positive cases in Sri Lanka would increase as a result of people’s behaviour during holiday season. (Sheain Fernandopulle)

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