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The Government is ready for political horsetrading to replenish its numbers in parliament if any allied party deserts it, Chief Government Whip Highways Minister Johnston Fernando said yesterday.

“Our doors are open.anyone can leave.we are not going to stop anyone because we can get more than the required number of heads from the opposition. We are ready to face any desertions of allied MPS. There are many on the opposition side to join the government. They are ready to come to our fold by a single call,” the minister said responding to a query on rumours of a split within government ranks by a journalist during an inspection tour to review the progress of constructing work of the Badagamuwa vehicle parking terminal and its health facilities centre recently.

“We do not want to see them leave us.we will never forget the allied party MPS who assisted us to build this government.their leaving does not mean the government would collapse.the government is stronger than ever and has enough supply of MPS anytime we need from the opposition. Our strategy is not to make announcements of the numbers ready to cross the Well of House to our side but to put into action an already arranged plan to replenish the number of MPS to keep our present composition in toto,” the minister said.

Responding to a question on foreign exchange reserve crisis, the minister said that there were speculations of loss of reserve and a resultant collapse of the economy and thereafter the government.“we would not let that happen.we are capable enough to steer our way out of the forex reserve problem. The Anura Kumara Dissanayake clique and Sajith Premadasa gang in the opposition are happy to hear the dwindling of forex reserves and are daydreaming of a possible government collapse.they also seem to derive perverted happiness to see temporary food shortages and price increases. They think that just because price increases people will turn to them and vote for their parties. It is sad to note that the opposition has degenerated thinking that they do not see that the country’s economy should be protected because this is their country as well. Their power hunger is so high that they do not care and it does not matter if they could grab power somehow even if it would be over the bodies of people. The rest of the country however hopes only that this problem will be over soon and the nation will prosper,” the minister added.

Asked to respond to the prevailing problems and issues pertaining to gas consumption, the minister said that there was a problem pertaining to gas and it is being addressed on a priority basis.“we regret the inconveniences, but in the meantime, we are working fast to solve the problem. It is my personal hunch that this is a created problem and there seem to be hands of sabotage. We as a government have the responsibility to find solutions and help people enjoy the festive season,” he said.

The Badagamuwa Vehicle Parking Terminal and health services centre is constructed by the Road Development Authority. (YOHAN PERERA)

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