Sister arrested for prostituting 14-yr-old student in Colombo | Breaking News

The Maradana Police had arrested a cousin of a 14-year-old school girl for prostituting her for Rs. 50,000 to various people and a businessman engaged in a motor spare parts business who had bought the girl for Rs. 50,000.

During questioning the girl had divulged details of several persons who had obtained her sexual comforts having paid Rs. 50,000.

However, the police said that she was not aware of the details of others who had paid for her services.

The girl’s cousin who sells the teenager for Rs. 50,000 had been buying the girl clothes and food etc and said to have been pocketing the rest.
This was revealed by Maradana OIC Chief Inspector Ishantha Kumara Apalakotuwa when inquired about this case.

According to the police, the Muslim woman who was arrested in connection with this incident is a cousin of the teenager.

The teenager attends a girls’ school in Colombo, the Maradana Police said.

This cousin has been taking the girl out of her home with the consent of her parents on the pretext of being very fond of her.

The woman who has been taking the girl out of her home had been in the habit of bringing food etc for her whole family when she brings the girl back home.

As a result, the parents of the girl had not suspected anything and had allowed her to take the girl out of her home often.

The woman had been taking the girl out of her home and prostituting her over a period of around two years, according to the police. On some instances, the this woman has been keeping the girl away from her home for several days, telling her parents that she is with her at her home.  

However, since of late, the girl had shown reluctance to leave the house with this woman. The girl had told this to her parents and they had refused to allow her cousin to take her out of the home against her will.

But, the woman had threatened the girl and attempted to take her out of her home again. Later, this incident was reported to the Maradana Police and upon the instructions of the OIC, investigations had commenced under the Women and Children Bureau.

Later, when the girl was brought in for questioning, it was revealed that the woman had given the girl food and drink and sold her to various people under the pretext of giving love and affection to the girl.

Investigations have revealed that the cousin had charged Rs. 50,000 from each person for sexual purposes with the minor girl.

The police said that the woman has been living a luxurious life by selling this underage girl for sex.

The police had arrested the 32-year-old cousin of the girl living in the Grandpass area.

Upon questioning the girl, police had also arrested the motor spareparts businessman who had initially bought the girl for sexual purposes. He is a 38-year-old married man.

The girl has been admitted to hospital and Maradana Police say that officers of the Children and Women’s Bureau are obtaining a statement from her.

Maradana Police say that based on the details of her statement, they will take action in the coming days to arrest the businessmen and individuals who had paid Rs. 50,000 for sex with the underage girl.

The woman who had sold the girl and the businessman who were arrested are scheduled to be produced in court.

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