Biscuit shortage & price increase in the offing? | Breaking News

Local confectionery production levels, which includes biscuits, are down by 20% due to the prevailing wheat flour shortage, says the Lanka Confectionery Manufacturers Association (LCMA) Chairman S.M.D. Suriya Kumara.

Speaking to the ‘Aruna’ newspaper, he says that they are only able to meet around 75% – 80% of the demand due to this.

Around 12,000 – 15,000 metric tonnes of wheat flour are used each month in the confectionery, he says.

Noting that wheat flour prices have risen by 41% in the past six months, Mr. Suriyakumara warns they may have to increase product prices if flour prices continue to rise.

He also said that if the shortage persists, the confectionery industry will have to limit production to only five days a week, which will have a direct impact on the workers’ incomes.

Not on the price of wheat flour, but prices of all other ingredients used such as sugar and margarine, have gone up as well, he pointed out

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