Legislation for provisions to control election expenses | Breaking News

Cabinet approval has been granted to draft amendments with regard to control election expenses.

The Department of Government Information describes the decision as follows :

Universal suffrage is the principle of the sovereign power of Sri Lankan citizens.

During an election it must be applied free and fair representing the will of the people. If a candidate, party or group spends too much money on the people's vote without any control, it can have a significant impact on the will of the people. Many countries, including India, have imposed rules and regulations to control election spending.

In Sri Lanka, the need to control the expenses incurred by candidates or parties contesting elections has also been discussed.

Approval was given at the Cabinet Meeting held on 17 th October 2017 to amend the existing Ordinances in order to make provisions to minimize the illegal conduct of elections.

The Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to identify the reforms related to the structure and rules of Parliamentary elections and submit amendments has reached an agreement in consultation with the relevant parties.

Accordingly, the cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by H.E. the President to advise legal draftsman to draft proposed amendments taking into account the above approvals and consensus.

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