4 more gas explosions | Breaking News

Four more explosions suspected to be from gas leaks have been reported from Padukka, Hanwella, Hatton and Ja-Ela areas today.

A woman from Diddeniya has lodged a complaint this morning (29) with the Hanwella Police claiming that a gas cylinder she had brought to her house had connected to the gas stove and exploded shortly afterwards.

She claimed that she connected the recently brought gas cylinder to the gas stove last night and few minutes after she heard something exploding. “We quickly removed the gas cylinder and called the gas agent,” she said.

No one was injured in the accident.

Meanwhile, a gas pipe connected to a gas stove at a restaurant at Arukwatta in Padukka has exploded.

The owner said that the explosion took place when the gas stove was not working.

Also, a similar gas explosion was reported at a another restaurant in Malliappuwa in Hatton.

The owner of the restaurant said that he was running the restaurant for a while and while he was cooking breakfast today, the gas pipe between the gas tank and the gas stove suddenly burst into flames.

The restaurant was damaged in the accident.

Hatton police are investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, an explosion was also reported at a house at Tudella area in Ja-Ela due to a gas leak last night.

The residents claimed the explosion was reported soon after the stove was turned off.


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