Suicide bombs, pressure, artillery bombs buried by LTTE unearthed in Jaffna | Sri Lanka News

The Army and Police personnel recovered suicide bombs, pressure, artillery bombs, anti-tank mines, weapons, ammunition and many lethal mines unearthed from a private land in Manthuvil, Jaffna.  

The owner of the land, who noticed a plastic barrel while digging the ground had informed the Army last night who rushed to the location along with the Police.  

The equipment, which were packed in the barrel are believed to have been buried by the LTTE for future use.  

However, majority of the items were largely corroded and decayed due to have been buried for a longer period of time.  

Seven suicide bombs, two artillery bombs weighing 30 kg, three high-powered claymore mines, three anti-tank high pressure bombs, 8 kg of explosives, 23 anti-personnel mines, charger bag, an 81mm mortar, three T56 magazines, 517 T56 ammunition, anti-tank bar mine, a non-electric detonator and two holders are among the recovered items.  

The Army further said that steps would be taken to defuse them as per a court order. (Romesh Madushanka)


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