Govt. approves for policy for local media | Sri Lanka News

A cabinet approval has been granted to prepare a Sri Lankan media policy, paying special attention to the existing laws applicable to journalists and media institutions and preparing policies and ethics.

Accordingly, the approval was granted while paying special attention to laws, international laws, the operation of national and international media institutions as well as social and cultural identities, creating the necessary background to present media personalities with esteemed professional skills, education on the use and behavior of media, including social media, socialization of knowledge, understanding and communication strategies, and supplying the required facilities for digital technology considering the global trends and developments in the mass media and communication fields. 

For this purpose, the requirement to amend the existing laws, policies, and ethics with regard to media personnel and mass media institutions has been recognized.

The approval of the resolution forwarded by the Mass Media Minister to appoint a committee with representations of individuals having experience in the fields such as media, marketing, education, law, administration, and economy in order to table recommendations to the Cabinet of Ministers for performing the aforesaid activities.

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