Passenger ferry capsized in Kinniya: EP governor calls for immediate inquiry | Sri Lanka News

Eastern Province (EP) Governor Anuradha Yahampath called for an immediate inquiry into the unfortunate incident in which a ferry capsized in the Kurinjankerni lagoon in Kinniya today.

At least six people were killed, and 11 others were hospitalized after the incident.

The Governor ordered a quick probe into the incident and the responsible parties that gave permission to operate the ferry and those who involved in the maintenance of the barge.

She stressed to Eastern Provincial Council Local Government Department Commissioner N.Manivannan that she needs swift feedback.

A special team of SL Navy frogmen are still searching for the missing people.

The Governor also expressed her deepest condolences to the relatives of the victims of this tragedy.

She further said that a team of special officers was dispatched to the area at the time of the incident to investigate the incident and also requested the people of the area to remain calm at this occasion. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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