Litro, Laugh Gas explosive composition mess! (Video) | Breaking News

Due to drastic changes in the chemical ratio of domestic gas cylinders, there have been incidents of gas cylinders exploding reported in various parts of the country, said the former Executive Director of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) Thushan Gunawardena.

“Both Litro and Laugfs Gas are responsible for this illegal activity,” he said during an online news conference.

The former executive director alleges that he had notified all the ministers in charge of the subject about the chemical change, but none of them had heeded his warning.

A gas cylinder in Sri Lanka contains alkane butane and propane.
As Sri Lanka is a tropical country, the composition of the gas cylinder has been adjusted to 80% butane and 20% propane respectively. But recently it was reported that this alkane composition was changed to 50% butane and 50% propane.

 As the combustion heat of these alkanes reduced the combustion composition of butane, which increases the likelihood of gas cylinders exploding, he advised the public to keep gas cylinders out of the house, and said that keeping a gas cylinder inside the house is like keeping a bomb at home.

A person named Samila Muthumini has put a post on her Facebook account and given a scientific explanation which is as follows;


Gas shortage only for a few more days- Lasantha Alagiyawanna

The state Ministry of Consumer Protection says that the shortage of gas in the market will end in the next few days.

State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna says that the relevant companies are working to release around 100,000 gas cylinders to the market daily.

Litro Gas will launch more than 300,000 metric tons of gas to the market within the next few days and the shortage of gas in the country will ease accordingly, sources from Litro Gas reported.


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