PS member tied to a lamp post by the people | Breaking News

A member of the Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha representing the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna has been tied to a lamp post by the residents of the area, according to reports from the Kalutara Police.

The Pradeshiya Sabha member had been tied to a post as he had been drinking and harassing the residents of Galpatha.

It is said that the MP has been tied to a light post and handed over to the Kalutara North Police.

Police have told the media that the MP had come to Galpatha area with another group and had been consuming alcohol. He had then got separated from that group and come to the Buhurupola area in Galpatha and had been behaving in an unpleasant manner causing harassment to the residents.

The residents had then caught the member and tied him onto a lamp post with rope and had called the police on the emergency hotline. The police had arrived on the scene and taken the suspect member into custody.

He was produced before a Nagoda Hospital doctor who had confirmed that the suspect member was intoxicated.

The suspect is scheduled to be produced before the Kalutara Magistrate’s Court today (22).



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