“Kuttiarachchi, reincarnation of the royal dog” – Rohini responds harshly | Breaking News

“Tissa Kuttiarachchi from Badulla is the reincarnation of the dog in the ‘Kukkura Jathakaya’. He can’t bear it when he gets the smell of skin and Chinese excrement. Having eaten curd and grass now he is throwing up and the whole parliament stinks,” MP Rohini Kaviratne said in a harsh response to Kuttiarachchi.

She has stated this at a press conference held in Rattota yesterday (21), according to her Facebook page.

She had further stated that the government is gradually killing off the farmers and when someone talks about it, they unleash their ‘dogs’ to attack the people.

The Matale District MP said that the ‘Badulla dog’ had barked in parliament when she was not there, adding, “ They are paying $ 6.7 million for the Chinese excrement shipment,  and they have robbed Rs. 11 billion from the import of  Nano fertilizer. When we talk about this, those who came to power on the votes of farmers in Moneragala and Badulla are going crazy. In this theft, they have stolen  Rs. 8000 from every farmer family.

If the amount stolen was to be distributed among the Monaragala farmers, each family would get Rs. 430,000. If you divide it among the Badulla farmers, each family would get Rs. 360,000. Even the Medamulana paddy fields have also not been cultivated. All the paddy lands in Beliatta and Tissamaharamaya are also destroyed. When we point these out, the ‘Royal family dog’ goes crazy. Those who voted for them in Badulla and Monaragala don’t even have anything.

Remember, we are talking about the government that has destroyed the farmers of this country and turned it into a desert where not only Moneragala and Uva but also the whole country has become a desert. This country was a fertile land where anything grew. But, today, beans are Rs. 700 beans, tomatoes 800, potatoes 450, carrots 800 and even the banana flower is priced at Rs. 200 and ash plantains  cost Rs. 240.

The Maha season is also over and they say Urea nutrient will be imported from today. Now they are trying to cover up the stench of the 6.7 million Chinese excrement ship.

Today the farmer needs fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. The Ministry of Agriculture does not know whether these are being imported, when to pay? Or how much it cost or how to distribute it.

This is an attempt to hoodwink the country and reverse the chemical fertilizer ban. They are now trying to give the chemical fertiliser monopoly to a single company and rob billions. If fertiliser and pesticides are not available in the open market as usual, farming in this country is doomed,” Kaviratne said.

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