46.18 hectares have been removed from the Ampara Sanctuary | Breaking News

The State Minister of Wildlife Conservation has reportedly proposed to clear 46.18 hectares of urban and developed lands and re-establish boundaries within the Ampara Sanctuary.

Accordingly, the ABC sections located in the Grama Niladhari Divisions of Samapura and Karangawa in the sanctuary are to be removed.

Section D of the Ampara Development Plan will continue to be part of the sanctuary.

It is also reported that government lands have not been properly cleared for development activities even after it was declared as a sanctuary.

The lands in the sanctuary have been developed for various government and government related public purposes such as municipal playgrounds and temples and some parts of the sanctuary have been handed over to the private sector for development and it is recommended that such areas be removed from the sanctuary.

The sanctuary was declared in 1954 and covers an area of 9323.96 hectares.

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