Water’s Edge Battaramulla had catered for the party at the Presidential Palace in Anuradhapura | Breaking News

Water’s Edge Hotel in Battaramulla had catered for the party held at the Presidential Palace in Anuradhapura in celebration of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s 76th birthday.

A weekend newspaper reported that the dinner consisted of fried rice, yellow rice, meats and fish etc.

One hall was reserved for MPs and ministers, the other for Pradeshiya Sabha and Municipal Council officials and the third hall for security personnel. However, it is reported that the president had made it a point to visit all three reception halls and mingle with the invitees.

Later, the President, the First Lady, the Prime Minister and his wife had spent the night there. It is said that this is the first time that Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has spent a night at the Presidential Palace in Anuradhapura.

Although the PM had visited Anuradhapura countless times, he had often stayed in Anuradhapura with his best friend, the well-known bus businessman D.S. Gunasekara’s residence.  It is said that at the time a separate section of Gunasekara’s residence was allocated for Mahinda.

However, the President hosted the dinner in honour of Mahinda’s birthday and a luncheon on Friday to mark his inauguration.

It is said that in addition to all the government ministers, MPs and political leaders, a number of leading businessmen in the country had also been invited to the event.

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