Today is the Ill Full Moon Poya day! | Breaking News

The Ill Full Moon Poya Day falls today.

It is the penultimate Poya of the year and marks the end of the rainy season and the conclusion of the three-month retreat (Vassana-Samaya). It is also considered to be the last full moon day on which the Katina Chiwara Pooja can be performed. 

According to the history books, many important events in the history of Buddhism took place on a Poya day like today.

It is said that the deployment of the first sixty messengers in the propagation of the Dhamma and the arrival of the Supreme Buddha at Uruvel Danavva to subdue the then undeveloped Yaksha tribal army in Lanka led by the threefold complex of Uruvel Danavva. 

After ascending from the heavens to the human world, the Deva Rohana and the Supreme Buddha Agasav Sariyut the Great Arahat attained Maha Parinirvana at his mother’s house on an Ill Full Moon day like today.

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