Sri Lanka radio, tv spectrum auctions for new stations: Finance Minister | Sinhala News

ECONOMYNEXT- Sri Lanka’s planned auctions for radio and television spectrum will apply to new ones and not frequencies of existing stations, Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa said.

“When auction we do not expect to apply it to existing institutions,” Rajapaksa told reporters.

“It will be for those coming in new. Those institutions will be pre-qualified before the auction.”

Aspects such as national security and financial viability will be looked into, he said.

“What we are saying is, instead of just giving to our friends, which has mostly been the case,” he said.

“We think it is better for it to happen due to their abilities rather than our wants.”

Rajapaksa said the 5G spectrum will also be auctioned.

There is an international drive to free existing TV spectrum for telecoms amid a progressive move from analogue to digital television. (Colombo/Nov17/2021)

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