Govt. approves cinematic field as an industry | Sri Lanka News

The government has granted approval for registering the cinematic field as an industry.

The decision was announced during the weekly cabinet briefing held today and said this will help obtain promotion and international recognition to Sri Lanka's cinema industry.

A large number of unique films have been created within the Sri Lankan cinema industry while Sri Lanka has bestowed a number of eminent and renowned cinematographers to the global cinema. 

However, its extent and development has been limited to a small local market as a result of non-declaration of the local cinema sector as a vital industry. 

Further, the local cinema industry confronted crises with the outbreak of the global COVID pandemic. 

It has been recognized that a number of benefits can be achieved such as generation of number of livelihoods, occurrence of a social and cultural, economic modification as well as assisting in tourism and education sectors etc., through improvement and promotion of the cinematic industry whereas it would assist the economy with considerable amount. 

Furthermore, it has also been observed that the cinema industry in most of the countries in the world has been improved with the recognition of cinema as an industry.  

The joint proposal was submitted by the  Prime Minister as the Minister of Buddha Sasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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