Plans to increase price of bottled water | Breaking News

It is reported that the Sri Lanka Water Bottle Manufacturers Association has requested the Minister of State for Consumer Affairs Lasantha Alagiyawanna to remove the control price for bottled drinking water.

The request was made during a discussion between the officials of the association and the Minister of State.

If the control price announced by the Consumer Affairs Authority is not removed, permission has been sought to increase bottled drinking water by a sum of between ten and twenty rupees.

The association pointed out that due to rising product prices on imported labels, laboratory equipment and materials, plastic bottles, plastic caps and other packaging, they are finding it difficult to operate their business at the stipulated price.

There are 147 bottled water manufacturers under Sri Lanka Standard Certification scattered throughout the island. The industrialists have also requested the Minister of State to authorize the Consumer Affairs Authority of Sri Lanka through a gazette notification to make the Sri Lankan standard mandatory for all bottled water.

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has identified the green seal on the bottle as an environmental contaminant.

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has also informed the Sri Lanka Standards Institution about this and the union has instructed Minister of State Lasantha Alagiyawan to ban the polythene film as well.

The Minister of State said that a final decision will be taken in the future after discussions are held with all parties regarding the proposals submitted.

It is also revealed that around 500,000 liters of bottled drinking water is required for monthly consumption in Sri Lanka.

However, environmentalists point out that there is a risk of springs running dry due to the drinking bottled water industry.

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