BUDGET 2022 : Extra Rs. 5 Mn for each MP! | Breaking News

The decentralized budget for MPs irrespective of their party differences have been increased with each Member of Parliament to receive an additional Rs.5 million.

Accordingly, Rs. 3,375 million has been allocated for the development of their constituencies.

In addition, Rs.3 million to be allocated to each Grama Niladari Division under the ‘Gama Samaga Pilisandarak’ programme. Accordingly, Rs. 42,063 million will be allocated for this purpose.

The Finance minister also said :

• Rs.20,000 million allocated to the Ministry of Highways.

• Rs.2,000 million allocated for Urban Housing Development.

• Rs. 3 million to be allocated to each Gama Niladhari (GN) Division.

• Rs. 400 million allocated to benefit school van and bus drivers who lost employment during lockdown periods

• Rs. 700 million was allocated to benefit three-wheel drivers who were affected by the pandemic.

• Rs. 1,500 million was allocated to provide relief to private bus owners.

• Additional Rs.5,000 million allocated to health and indigenous medicine.

• Rs. 2,000 million allocated for small irrigation projects.

• Rs. 500 million allocated for public security.

• Rs. 200 million allocated for sanitary facilities of prison inmates.

• Rs. 1,000 million for senior citizens.


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