President says ’no’ to letting go of Ali Sabry | Sri Lanka News

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has rejected the resignation submitted by Justice Minister Ali Sabry after the latter expressed his disappointment at the gazette notice issued over the One County One Law concept and being left in the dark over the matter, the Daily Mirror reliably learns.

A senior political source said that President Rajapaksa was in discussions with Sabry during the past few days and the gazette is likely to be amended, keeping in line with the original concept of the One Country One Law policy which was discussed by the Justice Ministry.
Although the President Task Force appointed to study and draft the proposals of the One Country One Law will continue to be headed by Ven. Gananasara Thero, it has been conveyed that the proposals will eventually have to be presented to the Justice Ministry for further consideration. 
Sabry had clearly conveyed this to the President and both he and the President are now in discussions to stick to the original concept which was discussed which would be advantageous for all communities in the country and would have to be finally legally approved before coming into law.
“There was clearly a misunderstanding in the gazette which has been issued and now the matter is under discussion. It will be sorted soon,” the senior political source said.
Sabry will continue as the Justice Minister. (JAMILA HUSAIN)

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